New 9-1 GCSEs

Changes to GCSE awards

New 9-1 GCSEs

GCSE qualifications are currently undergoing their biggest reform in a generation.  The government and Ofqual have introduced a far reaching programme of change for GCSE qualifications.  The new GCSEs will raise expectations by asking students to develop better subject knowledge, in terms of breadth and depth, by requiring students to develop stronger skills in numeracy and literacy, and by introducing a new number-based (9-1) grading scale.

The 9-1 changes are being phased gradually over the next few years, with English and Maths 9-1 being first examined in 2017.  New 9-1 GCSEs in Science, Humanities subjects, Languages, Computing, PE, DT subjects, Art, Music and Drama to be first examined in 2018 and other subjects to follow in 2019.


Last Updated: 12th October 2017