All about us and our values


Principal’s welcome

Welcome to Abbey Park School.  As Principal, I am proud to be leading the school through a significant time of change, when we will see the school renamed in September 2017, as Abbey Park School.  In partnership with The Park Academies Trust we will move from strength to strength to achieve our prime aim, which is to provide the highest standard of education so all our students achieve their maximum potential.  

The opening of Abbey Park School represents a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the North Swindon community. We open in a modern, well equipped building with outstanding facilities that will allow our staff to use up to date approaches to really bring education to life. That's not to say that we shun traditional approaches – far from it. When it comes to standards of personal conduct, maintaining respectful relationships and developing a strong work ethic, our expectations are very traditional! This is reflected in our choice of uniform for Abbey Park School, as we believe that dressing smartly is part of developing a positive mindset that will help our pupils become confident, successful young people.

Developing and supporting students to perform at their highest level will be at the heart of Abbey Park School. This will result from high quality, engaging teaching, delivered by a professional and experienced teaching team. A combination of innovative and well established teaching methods and modern technology will be harnessed to personalise learning experiences. We will deliver our high expectations of all students with the support of an experienced pastoral team and assertive mentoring programme.

The work that takes place in the classroom will be the cornerstone of our success and our staff are well qualified, enthusiastic, skilled, dedicated and consistent. We will encourage our pupils to become increasingly independent learners as they progress through the school and they will be well supported by intervention programmes and individual mentoring.

Abbey Park School is a clean, modern and stimulating learning environment with excellent specialist facilities - a safe and motivating environment for young people to learn, enjoy their school experience and make the most of their talents.  Excellent sports facilities, well equipped music and art suites and up to date technology in all classrooms will give everyone the means to fulfil their potential. Add in the support of parents and good attendance and pupils are then sure to do well, whatever their starting point.

We welcome personal visits if you would like to see us in action. Please contact us to arrange a guided tour.

Mr J. Young

Values & Ethos

We want all students to:

  • Be inquisitive about life
  • Be hungry for experience
  • Be passionate about learning
  • Be empowered to make informed decisions
  • Experience the thrill of achievement
  • Feel supported to step outside their comfort zone
  • Strive to be the best they can be
  • Respect each other, the environment and themselves
  • Be kind, considerate and courteous within their communities
  • Be healthy and stay safe

We want our curriculum to:

  • Meet the needs of every individual
  • Reflect an understanding of an ever changing world
  • Deliver the national requirements in a fresh and stimulating manner
  • Optimise the use of existing and emerging technologies and other resources

We want to ensure all staff:

  • Are passionate about teaching and learning
  • Are appropriately qualified and motivated
  • Are committed to the vision for Isambard
  • Value every student for what they are and what they can achieve
  • Challenge themselves and their students to achieve the highest possible standards of academic attainment and social behaviour
  • Are committed to rigorous and effective self-evaluation
  • Take advantage of high quality professional development opportunities
  • Are aware of open to innovative working practices and techniques
  • Are positive role models for students and other staff

We want:

  • Everyone to feel welcomed
  • The community to contribute to the development of our school
  • To challenge and extend the traditional boundaries between the
  • school and its partners
  • The school to be a focus for lifelong learning in the community
  • The community to feel proud of our school

Last Updated: 12th December 2017