This is the Abbey Park School Tool for Online Reporting. At Abbey Park School we work to support students and the community and help with any issues that arise in or out of school. This page gives you the opportunity to report any incidents directly to the school where we can then pass on details to the relevant staff, the Police and other agencies.

On this page you will find links to useful information as well as links to the websites of other useful contacts such as Childline and CEOPs. Have a look around, you might find out something new.

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  • Any information submitted is confidential and will be kept for up to 6 months before being destroyed.
  • If you give your details you are entitled to a copy of your information during the 6 months before destruction, please contact Abbey Park School if you require a copy.
  • If there are any serious offences reported this information may be given to other agencies to assist in helping you with your problem.
  • There may be a delay in dealing with any information submitted out of school hours, during the weekend and during school holidays. If you provide your details, we will endeavour to reply within 5 working days.
  • Please be aware that this is NOT an emergency service. If you need the emergency services please contact them in the regular ways.
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Anti Social Behaviour

We all live in a community and most people choose to follow the unwritten and written rules of that community. However there is always a small minority who choose to make everyone else’s lives unpleasant by breaking these rules and, sometimes, the law.


Some anti social behaviour, like buying and selling drugs, is a crime punishable by the law. If arrested, you might be end up in court and also receive an ASBO.

An Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) is a court order given to someone who has been involved in anti-social behaviour and who will not voluntarily change their behaviour. It sets out certain rules that they must stick to in their local area. For example, it could say that they are not allowed to go somewhere or to go near somebody. If that person does not stick to the terms of the ASBO, they could be sent to prison.

Anti social behaviour can ruin lives and prevent parts of towns and cities from being improved and developed.

Communities can suffer greatly when anti-social behaviour becomes a problem in their area. The law gives local authorities and the police certain powers to take action. The police also work closely with head teachers to deal with anti-social behaviour in schools.

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Young people who carry weapons do so because they think that it makes them safer. In fact the opposite is true, you are much more likely to become a victim if you carry a weapon. Minor arguments can flare out of control and before you have time to think somebody has been hurt or even killed. Some people think it is big and tough to carry a weapon without thinking through the consequences. Simply carrying a weapon is enough to get you into serious trouble with the Police or at school. Using a weapon often destroys the lives of both the victim and the assailant.

  • Knives are used in 4 out of 10 murders of young people in the U.K.
  • By carrying a knife you are more likely to be stabbed yourself.
  • Possession of a knife can carry a prision sentence of up to 4 years, even if it is never used. If you are under 18 you could still go to prison.
  • If someone is injured or killed by a knife or gun in your presence, even if you're not the one using the weapon, you could still be prosecuted. You could still be sent to prison for murder in what is referred to as 'Joint Enterprise'.

Source: thebigquestion.co.uk

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Unfortunately anyone can become a bully and anyone can be bullied. Bullies often carry out their actions expecting that being nasty to someone else will make them feel good about themselves. Usually they end up feeling worse. Now bullying has gone online it is difficult for the victim to escape. If you are being bullied it is important to talk to an adult. If nobody knows then nobody can help you.

Bullying 5

There is no legal definition of bullying. But it is usually defined as repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically, and is often aimed at certain people because of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation or any other aspect such as appearance, disability or even how well you are doing at school or how popular you are. It is always best to try and dismiss bullying remarks. If a bully sees that they can upset you then they will keep trying.

Abbey Park School's policy regarding child protection and safeguarding is available here (PDF).

Thanks: bullying.co.uk

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Staying safe online is not easy. There are some simple steps you can take but the most important thing to remember is that if you wouldn’t do it in the real world don’t do it online.

  • Make sure you have up to date anti-virus software and a firewall on your computer, there are plenty of free products that work very well.
  • Make sure your wi-fi is security protected.
  • Make sure you set your privacy settings correctly on any social media website and check them regularly. Some sites have a nasty habit of putting your settings back to public on a regular basis.
  • Delete anybody you don’t physically know from your friends lists.
  • Don’t put any photographs online that you wouldn’t want seen around school. Even with privacy settings set correctly somebody might get hold of them when the settings are on public.
  • Don’t send any photographs that you wouldn’t want seen around school via text or email. They are unlikely to remain private.

Always remember, you don’t know the identity of anybody you meet online and you should treat such people with caution. You should NEVER arrange to meet them without an adult present, if they object to this you should ask yourself why.

Abbey Park School's policy regarding child protection and safeguarding is available here (PDF).

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