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Letters home

Here you can download any school correspondence sent home.  For ease, the downloadable lists are divided into "whole school" letters, followed by correspondence sent home for specific school years 7-11.

Whole school letters

Open up Related Documents and click on any of the letters to download:

01st April 2022 - Uniform Letter (565KB)

A reminder letter for expected uniform standards at APS.

1st April 2022 - Changes to Covid-19 Guidance (105KB)

Changes to COVID-19 guidance from 1st April 2022.

25th January 2022 - School of Rock Performance (119KB)

School of Rock Production Wednesday 16th & Thursday 17th February 202

10th December 2021 - Cancellation of Abbey Park Christmas Concert (142KB)

Letter to notify of the Cancellation of the Christmas Concert.

28th September 2021 - Cancellation of APS Open Mornings (172KB)

Cancellation of Abbey Park School Open Mornings, Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th September

27th September 2021 - Reintroduction on Masks (120KB)

The wearing of face masks for pupils and staff in corridors and indoor communal areas as from Tuesday 28th September 2021.

27th September 2021 - Local Governors required (214KB)

Governors required for our Local Advisory Boards

18th May 2021 - E-Scooters (170KB)

Remind from the Police regarding E-Scooters

1st April 2021 - End of Term 4 Parent Letter (244KB)

The return to school has been very successful with the vast majority of pupils returning to engage once again with face to face learning.

1st March 2021 - World Book Day (287KB)

Reading resources and recommendations.

12th February 2021 - Letter From Mr Young (179KB)

Arrangements for the start of next Term.

29th January 2021 - Remote Learning Update (257KB)

Remote Teaching and Learning Update – Term 3

29th January 2021 - Remote Learning - Eye Strain (249KB)

Pupil Wellbeing Guide to limit Eye Strain.

28th January 2021 - Wellbeing Wednesday (227KB)

Wednesday 3rd February – Wellbeing Day

28th January 2021 - Wellbeing Tasks (92KB)

30 actions to keep you occupied for the next 30 days

26th January 2021 - Mobile Data Boost (340KB)

If your mobile data is running short due to home learning in TEAMS lessons, pupils can request a temporary boost in data allowance.

22nd January 2021 - Parent Update (223KB)

Message of thanks and any an update on any developments.

7th January 2021 - Pastoral and Safeguarding (228KB)

We know that this will be a very worrying time for everyone, however we will continue to do our best to support you and your children not only academically but also Pastorally and emotionally.

7th January 2021 - Remote Teaching and Learning Update (244KB)

Abbey Park School has developed its remote learning offer significantly since March 2020. Abbey Park School now offers a full blended learning approach which supports pupils learning through:

7th Januray 2021 - Lockdown Letter (181KB)

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 4th January, that the UK is now in lockdown, I would like to outline some of the ways of working at Abbey Park School during this period.

4th January 2021- Letter from the Chair of Trustees (231KB)

The Board of Trustees are extremely pleased to announce Benedick Ashmore-Short as CEO of the Trust will be starting with us this week.

Online Safety Letter From Wiltshire Police (134KB)

Making informed choices and setting boundaries

16th December 2020 - Introduction of Social Worker in Schools (128KB)

Abbey Park School has been selected, with only seven other secondary schools in Swindon, to be part of a national pilot project to have a social worker placed within our school

9th December 2020 - Additional Staff Inset Day (179KB)

Friday 18th December – Additional INSET Day

25th November 2020 - Clarification of expectations regarding PE Kit (80KB)

With the winter weather seemingly here, APS thought it would be an appropriate time to clarify expectations with regards to what can and cannot be worn by students on the days they have PE.

10th November 2020 - Parent Election Letter (340KB)

There is vacancy on the Local Advisory Board of Abbey Park School and to invite parents, carers or foster-parents who would like to be appointed to put their names forward

6th November 2020 - Reminder Of COVID-19 Guidance For Abbey Park School (182KB)

Correspondence regarding the introduction of a second lock down, the Department for Education has released further guidance to help support schools to remain open to all students.

School Flowchart (100KB)

School Flowchart

3rd November 2020 - Tutor Consultation Day (765KB)

This is an opportunity for you and your child to meet virtually with your child's form tutor to discuss their current attainment and progress.

3rd November 2020 - SchoolCloud Booking Guide (366KB)

Parents’ Guide for Booking Appointments

15th October 2020 - Catering Technical Issues (135KB)

We have been experiencing technical issues since we went live for hot food purchases on Monday 5th October, and we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused to you and our students.

12th October 2020 - Swindon Food Collective Harvest Flyer (201KB)

Abbey Park School would like to help its community and will be collecting items in your child’s Year group area upon arrival at school between Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th October 2020

6th October 2020 - Letter from the Chair of Trustees (103KB)

Chair continuation on from previous communication from Clive Zimmerman explaining his retirement as Chief Executive of The Park Academies Trust

30th September 2020 - Hot Meal Catering (122KB)

The Catering company will be offering a slightly reduced hot food menu due to staffing restrictions in the kitchen, there is no need to pre order lunches for next week, the menu for Monday onwards is included with this letter for your information.

25th September 2020 -Update To Parents On The New Way Of Working (204KB)

Now the new term is well underway I thought I would write to update you on a number of matters, particularly to do with our new ways of working.

17th September 2020 - Attendance Letter To Parents (328KB)

We know from experience that there is a strong link between good attendance and academic progress. With this in mind we expect that students attend school every day and on time to ensure they maximise their full learning potential.

17th September 2020 - Attendance Guidance Follow up (172KB)

Please can we reiterate the following advice. If your child is showing any symptoms of Coronavirus they must stay at home and you must get them tested. We are aware that there are long waits to get this testing done however this must done.

14th September 2020 - Attendance Guidance Letter To Parents (120KB)

Please find attached some guidance relating to attendance and Coronavirus. I have also included some guidance on identifying symptoms.

14th September 2020 - Attendance Guidance (308KB)

ABBEY PARK SCHOOL - Coronavirus related absences quick reference guide

11th September 2020 - Return to School - Teaching and Learning Update (184KB)

Having been back at school for a week now we have been very impressed by the mature response of the pupils to all of the new systems that we now have in place

The wearing of Face Masks for Pupils and Staff (179KB)

The wearing of face masks for pupils and staff mandatory in corridors and indoor communal areas as from Thursday 10th September 2020

Year 7 letters

Open up Related Documents and click on any of the letters to download:

22nd January 2021 - KS3 Computing Lessons (179KB)

New software intended to be used on Years 7,8 and 9.

25th September - Year 7 Consultation Evening (626KB)

Year 7 Tutor Consultation Evening on Wednesday 7th October 2020.

17th September 2020 - Year 7 Art Contribution Letter (126KB)

I would like to take this opportunity to seek your support for your child in their Art projects in KS3 and inform you of the forthcoming initiative to sustain success and achievement.

10th September 2020 - Year D&T Contribution Letter (122KB)

In Textiles, Resistant Materials and Graphic Products, your child will develop products that are challenging in design and use high quality materials and processes including Computer Aided Manufacturing

Year 8 letters

Open up Related Documents and click on any of the letters to download:

16th November 2022 (221KB)

Year 8 STEAM Museum Humanities Trip

1st April 2022 - TPAT Scholars Visit (188KB)

Year 8 TPAT Scholars to visit the University of the West of England, in Bristol, on Thursday 7th April 2022.

20th January 2022 - Year 8 Reading Challenge (217KB)

Year 8 Reading Challenge: After the War by Tom Palme

15th June 2021 - Year 8 Subject Consultation Evening (776KB)

Year 8 Subject Consultation Evening 29th June 2021.

22nd January 2021 - KS3 Computing Lessons (179KB)

New software intended to be used on Years 7,8 and 9.

Year 9 letters

Open up Related Documents and click on any of the letters to download:

30th June 2022 - GCSE English courses and purchase of set texts for GCSE English Literature FSM (173KB)

GCSE English courses and purchase of set texts for GCSE English Literature for students who have Free School Meals

30th June 2022 - Art Packs FSM (194KB)

GCSE Art Pack – Free School Meal Student

7th June 2022 - Year 9 'Ready for GCSE Evening' (221KB)

Year 9 ‘Ready for GCSE Evening’ – Thursday 30th June 6.00pm and SLT interviews

20th January 2022 - Year 9 Reading Challenge (212KB)

Year 9 Reading Challenge: Rat by Patrice Lawrence

21st April 2021 - PSHE Wiltshire Police CSE session (194KB)

Abbey Park School is working together with Wiltshire Police and partner agencies this term to educate our students at the earliest opportunity about relevant issues.

22nd January 2021 - KS3 Computing Lessons (179KB)

New software intended to be used on Years 7,8 and 9.

Year 10 letters

Open up Related Documents and click on any of the letters to download:

GCSE Art Provision Packs (132KB)

These packs help resource students who are doing GCSE Art and Photography

18th June 2021 - GCSE English Literature revision guides (173KB)

CGP publish excellent revision aids to support students studying the 9-1 English Literature GCSE. They produce revision guides, which cover all the key themes and ideas for some of our Literature texts.

18th June - Year 10 Teacher Assessments (264KB)

Teacher assessments in place of mock examinations.

13th January 2021- History E-Text Books (222KB)

All E-textbooks are available on starting from £4.00 +VAT to have for a year.

20th October 2020 - GCSE Business Revision Guides (124KB)

Purchasing Edexcel revisions guides that supports students studying the new GCSE.

20th October 2020 - GCSE Computing 9-1 Course (119KB)

Purchasing AQA Computing guides published by CPA.

2nd October 2020 - Year 10 Maths Revision Guide Bundle (79KB)

Three excellent revision aids are published by CGP which support students studying the new 9-1 Mathematics GCSE.

15th September 2020 - Year 10 Introduction to GCSE's (174KB)

It has been our pleasure to welcome back pupils into Year 10 and see them embark on their GCSE courses. They have conducted themselves with maturity and are adapting well to the current way of working.

10th September 2020 - D&T GCSE Contribution (117KB)

In GCSE D&T, students use a wide range of materials throughout the course including their Controlled Assessment Project.

Year 11 letters

Open up Related Documents and click on any of the letters to download:

GCSE Results and Certificates (122KB)

GCSE Examination Results – Summer 2023

8th April 2022 - GCSE Examination Season 2022 (310KB)

Guidelines for the upcoming Examinations Season Beginning Monday 16th May.

8th October 2021 - Year 11 History Newsletter (313KB)

Welcome to the Year 11 newsletter from the History division of the Humanities department.

24th September - Year 11 Key To Success (116KB)

Year 11 GCSE ‘Key to Success’ Evening – Tuesday 5 October, 5.30pm – 6.45pm

19th May 2021 - Year 11 Prom Letter (222KB)

The Abbey Park School Prom will be held on Friday 9th July at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.

30th April 2021 - Year 11 leaving date (211KB)

Year 11 leaving date – Friday 28 May

22nd January 2021 - Ofqual Exam Proposal (585KB)

Consultation on how GCSE, AS and A Level grades should be awarded in summer 2021.

13th January 2021- History E-Text Books (222KB)

All E-textbooks are available on starting from £4.00 +VAT to have for a year.

4th December 2020 - Year 11 Virtual Subject Consultation Evening (769KB)

Year 11 Subject Consultation Evening taking place on Thursday 17th December from 4:30pm to 8pm.

19th October 2020 - Year 11 Motivational Letter (122KB)

Deadline is Friday 12th February 2021

2nd October 2020 - Maths Revison Guides/Cards (128KB)

There is a revision guide, an accompanying workbook and an answer book which covers the Edexcel Mathematics GCSE syllabus followed by students at Abbey Park School

24th September - Year 11 Key To Success (116KB)

Our ‘Year 11 Study Programme’ is carefully constructed and tailored to the individual needs of pupils. In order that you can fully support your child at home, we ask that you attend a virtual ‘Key to Success’ evening on Tuesday 6 October from 6.00pm. You will be able to join via Zoom using the following information: