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Remote Learning

Abbey Park School has developed its remote learning offer significantly since March 2020. Abbey Park School now offers a full blended learning approach which supports pupils learning through:

a. Live Lessons

b. Pre-Recorded Lessons

c. Tasks set on SMHK

d. Tasks set on online platforms (eg Sam Learning, Seneca, Hegarty Maths ect)

Timetable - Staff will be setting lessons and tasks according to the normal school timetable. All lessons will have instructions outlined on Show My Homework as well as Teams invites where live lessons are being conducted. While it is the schools aim to facilitate as many live lessons as possible there will be some lessons where tasks are set for pupils to complete independently or research to be conducted.

Homework – No homework will be set throughout this period of lockdown and remote learning. We appreciate the energy and concentration needed for online lessons and have decided to remove homework for pupils sustained engagement in lessons and well-being.

PSHCE – PSHCE will continue as taught lessons. These happen on a rotation and will be taught on the following dates and lessons:

Wednesday 6th January – Session 1

Wednesday 13th January – Session 2

Wednesday 20th January – Session 3

Wednesday 27th January – Session 4

Wednesday 3rd February – Session 5

This will therefore replace your normal timetabled subject lesson on this date and session (as it does in school).

Submission of tasks – Staff will indicate how they would like you to submit your work – the range of submission will include submitting tasks on Show My Homework, sending in work via teams or directly to staff on email. Please note pupils should use their Abbey Park email address at all times when corresponding with staff.

Notes and Completed Work – The volume of work completed throughout this period will be very substantial. Therefore, pupils need to organise folders in their school drives – one for each subject for this term – please save all work in these with the lesson title and date to help you find any work at a later date. With work completed on paper please organise some folders and ensure that dates are placed on the work to help organise this in order. Once we are returning to school we can then organise and gather work for your books as needed.

Rewards and Consequences – Staff are logging rewards and consequences in accordance with the Behaviour for Learning Policy. Staff are recording pupils who do not engage with remote learning and this will be followed up and analysed each day with pupils and parents being able to see this on the parental platform in arbor as well as supportive conversations with the pastoral team. If you have any problems accessing remote learning the key is to communicate with your teacher in order for us to then support you in this and facilitate any solutions that we can working together between school and home.

Staff Absence - In instances of staff absence please note that live lessons may not be possible. If staff are absent work will still be set on other platforms (predominantly SHMK) and there will be a note to inform you that there is a staff absence and how who pupils should contact instead of their normal teacher.

Logins and Access - Your login and access to SMHK, Microsoft Teams and Office365 is your Abbey Park email address. Your email address will start with 20, then your surname and first initial, followed by, for example: The default password is Password2020. If you cannot login with this, please email the remote email address below and a reset will be completed and a new password sent to you.

Connection Issues and Troubleshooting - If you have any connection issues please email A full guide to accessing TEAMs is available on the remote learning page on the school website: Curriculum – Remote Learning – scroll to the bottom of the page to open ‘MS Teams Student Guide’.

Teams Access – There have been some problems with pupils accessing chat and screen viewing. This seems to be linked with how teams is opened. To view the files and chat please open the teams lessons from your outlook calendar (rather than the invite) as this then seems to enable the chat and screen share.

Using Xbox and PlayStation to access Office 365


1.Plug a keyboard into the Xbox USB slot.

2.Go to my games and apps.

3. Find Microsoft edge and select

4. Type in Office365 and login as you would in school

5. You can now access your work and all the key packages – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams ect

5. To move around you use the Xbox controller or plug in a mouse.


1.Identify the PlayStation internet browser icon (it is WWW with dots around it)

2.Press the PlayStation logo on the computer

3.Go to the library and find options for games and applications

4. Go into applications and find the internet browser

5. Type in Office365 and login as you would in school

6. You can now access your work and all the key packages – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams ect

How To Access Microsoft Teams On PS5

It’s a little different on PS5 because the console’s web browser technically isn’t advertised by Sony, and requires a bit of work to get it working!

  • Head to User and Accounts in Settings of your console
  • Select Link With Other Devices
  • Choose Twitter
  • You’ll then access the web browser, but you’ll need to first select the small Twitter logo in the top left corner to get to the Twitter UI.
  • Log in and then you’ll have full access to web browsing on PS5.
  • Once this is done, simply follow the previous steps above to access Microsoft Teams on PS5.

Remote Learning – Engagement and Behaviour Expectations

As part of the remote and blended learning offer live lessons will be facilitated on TEAMS. The live lesson is to allow you to have instant direction from your teacher but this learning environment must also be respected. In order to engage within this remote learning environment, we would ask all pupils to:

· Accept the TEAMs invite and join the live lesson via your outlook calendar.

· Once joined into the lesson mute your microphone and camera straight away.

· Only unmute your microphone when requested by your teacher.

· Use the chat to answer questions as directed by your teacher.

· Use the wave function to indicate to your teacher that need to ask a question.

Pupils must not:

· Invite any other pupils into any live lessons.

· Use inappropriate language in any discussion.

· Use the chat function for any social discussion – this is for the purposes of your lesson engagement only.

· Unmute yourself without direction.

· Share your screen.

Live lessons are essential to your progress and our expectations of behaviour is the same as when you are in lessons at school. Be respectful of this learning environment and at all times demonstrate the characteristics of Abbey Park Proud.

Please Note: Any breaches of these expectations will result in sanctions and will be treated as disruptive behaviour. In order to respect the learning environment pupils, need to adhere to these guidelines or consequences including exclusion may be considered.

We wish you continued success in your engagement in remote learning – we are here to facilitate your learning so please do contact us if there are any areas we can support you with. The remote learning email for all support and enquires is:

29th January 2021 - Remote Learning Update (257KB)

Remote Teaching and Learning Update – Term 3

29th January 2021 - Remote Learning - Eye Strain (249KB)

Pupil Wellbeing Guide to limit Eye Strain.

7th January 2021 - Remote Teaching and Learning Update (244KB)

Abbey Park School has developed its remote learning offer significantly since March 2020. Abbey Park School now offers a full blended learning approach which supports pupils learning through:

Virtual Learning Logins (406KB)

Virtual Learning login sheet