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Ethos and Values

Our Mission Statement:

Through outstanding teaching and learning, and pastoral care, we seek to give all pupils a platform from which to develop their talents and excel in all areas of their education.

Our Aims:

  • To inspire all pupils to fulfil their potential and become confident, motivated and independent learners who are well prepared for a wide range of future pathways.
  • To support and maximise academic success
  • To enhance and develop individual talent in all areas of the physical, creative and visual arts.

Our Values:

  • Curiosity and a passion for learning
  • Recognition of the worth and achievements of all pupils
  • Positive attitudes to learning, ambition and self-belief

To meet our aims and support our values, at Abbey Park School we aspire to engender fundamental qualities and attributes in our staff and pupils.

We want all students to be:

  • Inquisitive about life
  • Eager for experience
  • Passionate about learning
  • Empowered to make informed decisions
  • Excited to experience the thrill of achievement
  • Supported to step outside their comfort zone
  • Respectful of each other, the environment and themselves
  • Kind, considerate and courteous within their communities
  • Healthy and safe

We want all staff to be:

  • Passionate about teaching and learning
  • Appropriately qualified and motivated
  • Committed to the vision of Abbey Park School
  • Recognising the value every pupil for what they are and what they can achieve
  • Challenging themselves and their pupils to achieve the highest possible standards of academic attainment and social behaviour
  • Committed to rigorous, honest and effective self-evaluation
  • Keen to take advantage of high quality professional development opportunities
  • Aware of, and open to, innovative and up to date working practices and techniques
  • Positive role models for pupils and other staff

We want our curriculum to:

  • Meet the needs of every individual
  • Reflect an understanding of an ever changing world
  • Deliver the national requirements in a fresh and stimulating manner
  • Optimise the use of existing and emerging technologies and other resources

We want:

  • Everyone to feel welcomed within the Abbey Park School community
  • The community to contribute to the development of our school
  • To challenge and extend the traditional boundaries between the school and its partners
  • The school to be a focus for lifelong learning in the community
  • The community to feel proud of our school

We Will:

Communicate our ethos and values through our Abbey Park Proud motto and to ensure that staff and pupils keep this motto central in every decision they make both for themselves and others.

Abbey Park Proud

The Park Academies Trust Agreed Vision 2020-24 (72KB)

Read about the Trust's agreed mission, aims and ethos.