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Drama Intent Statement

The aim of the Drama Department is to enrich students through creative learning and open them up to the power of Dramatic Arts. We want students to understand the importance and place of Drama as an art form in their lives and the wider world, as well as Drama as a process towards performance. Therefore, alongside the development of theatre skills, the Drama curriculum is intended to show students how Drama reflects and shapes people’s lives. Abbey Park School promotes a broad and balanced Drama curriculum. Drama is a vehicle for development in a variety of areas.  Whilst students are encouraged to develop an interest in, and skills directly related to Theatre, they also develop a host of soft-skills that can be transferred to later learning and future careers.

Through teaching Drama, we aim to: Build confidence and trust, develop self-awareness, co-operation, empathy and tolerance of others. We aim to encourage critical awareness, through evaluation and reflection that will help promote adaptability and creativity in their approach to tasks at school and in the wider world.

KS3 and KS4 Drama Curriculum Maps

Click below in 'Related Documents' to view curriculum maps.


APS Drama Curriculum Map KS3 & KS4 (197KB)

Curriculum Map which includes Unit of Work, Knowledge and Skills and Assessment broken down into Terms.

Covid-19 adaption to Curriculum

Within the academic year 2020-2021 and the re-opening of schools curriculum areas have made adaptions to their offer due to the different working and learning conditions.  Below are the curriculum plans in light of being Covid-19 safe and working within our C-19 safety requirements.




C-19 Drama Curriculum Planning - T5&6 2021 (136KB)

Curriculum plan for term 5 and 6 in response to C-19 and return to school

C-19 Drama Curriculum Planning - T3&4 2021 (163KB)

Curriculum plan for term 3 and 4 in response to C-19 and return to school

C-19 Drama Curriculum Planning - T1&2 2020 (117KB)

Curriculum plan for term 1 and 2 in response to C-19 and return to school