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Science Intent Statement

At Abbey Park School our aim is to inspire the scientists of tomorrow, promote the importance of an independent mind, encourage curious thinkers and build the knowledge required to effectively question concepts and communicate ideas.

Our department provides high quality lessons to our pupils by covering the core concepts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We ensure pupils experience a wide range of scientific topics and develop their mastery of core knowledge and understanding alongside practical skills to prepare them for exams and future careers.

All of our department teachers are science specialists, with specialists in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The department regularly partakes in specific science education CPD from STEM to keep up-to-date with changes to curriculum and inventive teaching of theory and practical lessons.

Our curriculum is a spiralled five-year-curriculum which is fully laid-out in our curriculum knowledge maps. Pupils will rotate between science disciplines in a cyclic rotation across the five years, building on previous knowledge and skills. This allows pupils to link concepts together and develop a deeper understanding of science and the world around them. Pupils are guided through their topics via their PLCs (personalised learning checklist), which outline all the content covered in each topic. The pupils will also be led through weekly retrieval, both in lesson and KS4 homeworks, to keep previously taught content fresh and to help pupils make links between previous knowledge and newly taught concepts.

An integral part of our five-year curriculum is the cyclic teaching of practical skills. Both in KS3 and KS4 pupils will be challenged to complete practical science tasks where specific aspects of the scientific model will be assessed. To accompany this, at KS4, we have a range of practical instruction videos which can be accessed from home to allow pupils to revise previously taught practical skills remotely.

Currently our Science classes are taught mixed ability at KS3 and streamed through KS4, which allows us to give all pupils the required support throughout the five-year curriculum. At KS4 we run both Combined Science and Individual Sciences, and the decisions as to which path the pupils take is made at a midway break in year 9. The numbers of pupils taking either path is flexible, year to year, based on the cohort.

The pupils will be assessed periodically through end of topic tests and milestone assessments (an open book mid-topic review). These will be used alongside end of year exams, mocks and practical class work to assess pupil progress against target. After an assessment point, pupils will have a review lesson where they will have the opportunity to reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses from the assessment. This will be identified by their teacher through use of WWW (what went well) and HTI (how to improve) comments. Pupils can then fill any knowledge gaps they may have through a MAC (make a change) activity. If necessary pupils can then be re-assessed to evidence the improvement.


KS3 and KS4 Science Curriculum Maps

Click below in 'Related Documents' to view curriculum maps.

APS Combined Science Curriculum Map KS3 & KS4 (119KB)

Curriculum Map which includes Unit of Work, Knowledge and Skills and Assessment broken down into Terms.

APS Individual Science Curriculum Map KS3 & KS4 (118KB)

Curriculum Map which includes Unit of Work, Knowledge and Skills and Assessment broken down into Terms

Covid-19 adaption to Curriculum

Within the academic year 2020-2021 and the re-opening of schools curriculum areas have made adaptions to their offer due to the different working and learning conditions.  Below are the curriculum plans in light of being Covid-19 safe and working within our C-19 safety requirements.


C-19 Science Curriculum Planning - T5&6 2021 (52KB)

Curriculum plan for term 5 and 6 in response to C-19 and return to school

C-19 Science Curriculum Planning - T3&4 2021 (129KB)

Curriculum plan for term 3 and 4 in response to C-19 and return to school

C-19 Science Curriculum Planning - T1&2 2020 (141KB)

Curriculum plan for term 1 and 2 in response to C-19 and return to school