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Online Safety

The number of people being connected to the internet keeps growing daily (about 1,000,000 people per day in 2018), as does the need to recognise the challenges facing children – and indeed all of us – in the online space.

By practicing Online Safety, we can prevent and mitigate the risks that are inherently involved with using digital technologies, platforms and services.

Once the risks are managed, the internet can be enjoyed free from harm and to enormous benefit.

This page is designed to give parents key information about different areas of the online world to help keep their children safe. If you are concerned about your child’s online safety please contact a member of the safeguarding team.

Or you can report it on our online reporting tool.

Age Ratings (1.8MB)

What you need to know about age ratings

14 ways to be kind online (580KB)

Showing kindness online can mean so much to someone else. Here are 14 ways to be kind online.

Conversation starters for parents and carers (881KB)

Help for parents and carers with online content

Online abuse and trolling (1.4MB)

What you need to know about online abuse and trolling

Online bullying (356KB)

What children need to know about online bullying

PlayStation 5 Information (346KB)

What parents and carers need to know about PlayStation 5

Remote Education (421KB)

10 top tips for parents

Streaming (2.4MB)

What you need to know about Streaming

TikTok (742KB)

What parents and carers need to know