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Visual Art Intent Statement

KS3 at Abbey Park school is about encouraging experimentation, resilience and openness to ideas.

Projects are skilled based and revisited to instil confidence, with a range of materials.

We visit drawing in every year group building on quality.  Projects become more thematic as the years progress, ideas exploring peace in year 8, a Lions Club Competition. Our students have won national photography competitions.

 Distraction and how isolated society have become. In year 9 we explore consumerism and how this impact on the whole world, how we are a connected world.

Students make sculptures of Gargoyles, trainers and pinch pot monster.

We make stencil art, press prints, collage work.  Students are exposed to many artists and intentions, fuelling their own inquisitiveness and concerns.

KS4 we explore themes of identity and environmental concerns, in both art and photography.

Students go on trips to London Galleries, Bath and Lacock, our students are exposed to Artists and intentions. We believe in creating an emotionally intelligent and passionate student who engages and filters the world around.

The department has specialists in graphics/ photography and fine art, and we all love inspiring the students and society of tomorrow.

KS3 and KS4 Visual Art Curriculum Maps

Click below in 'Related Documents' to view curriculum maps.

APS Visual Art Curriculum Map KS3 & KS4 (164KB)

Curriculum Map which includes Unit of Work, Knowledge and Skills and Assessment broken down into Terms.

Covid-19 adaption to Curriculum

Within the academic year 2020-2021 and the re-opening of schools curriculum areas have made adaptions to their offer due to the different working and learning conditions.  Below are the curriculum plans in light of being Covid-19 safe and working within our C-19 safety requirements.


C-19 Visual Art Curriculum Planning T5&6 2021 (147KB)

Curriculum plan for term 5 and 6 in response to C-19 and return to school

C-19 Visual Art Curriculum Planning T3&4 2021 (129KB)

Curriculum plan for term 3 and 4 in response to C-19 and return to school

C-19 Visual Art Curriculum Planning T1&2 2020 (134KB)

Curriculum plan for term 1 and 2 in response to C-19 and return to school